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Water Industry Aerial Services

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 A 350 year old system serving over 160 million people in the United States. 

Confined-space, fall-hazards, and operational environments all contribute to the high risks associated with water management.


Drone Technology help to mitigate those risks by removing human presence in high risk situations. 

Above Ground Assets

     One of the most dangerous (but routine) tasks in water utilities is inspecting tanks. Crews must be trained in fall protection, mobilize to the site, and risk injury by scaling to large heights. At best, inspectors can only access 65% of the tank without severe fall risk. Inspect 100% of your tank, every time, without leaving the ground. 

  • Comprehensive Tank Inspections

  • Infrared Integrity Analysis

  • SCADA inspection

  • Preventative Maintenance

Facility Mapping

 Understanding facility assets and how the environment in the area changes over time is essential to operational awareness. Satellite Imagery is expensive and conventional internet imagery is outdated. Producing centimeter-accurate GIS maps in Near Real-Time (NRT) is the effective solution.

  • Asset Identification

  • Security Analysis

  • Environmental Change

  • Emergency Planning

  • Predictive Planning


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