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Sky Scape Helicopter Operations

        Collecting data through Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) is revolutionary. UAS are safe, reliable, environmentally-friendly, and efficient. However, despite Sky Scape's unique capabilities, data collection solely through UAS may not always be the most valuable solution. By utilizing both unmanned AND manned capabilities, ingesting unique data from both technologies and fluidly managing multi-capable data, we are only able to further our realm of possibilities on a larger scale. That being said, I am excited to announce the company's newest development; Helicopter Operations. 

Robinson R66

         Sky Scape helicopter operation is supported by Robinson R-44 and Robinson R-66 helicopters. Both models maintain an incredible safety and reliability reputation all while operating much more efficiently than other airframes in their classes. The helicopter program is comprised of multiple contract pilots with a combined flight experience of over 15,000 hours. When dispatched, the helicopters will be carrying advanced Sky Scape sensors and personnel for infrastructure and inspection requirements. This operational expansion authorizes Sky Scape to fly under 333 Exemption or Part 107 (for UAS) and Part 91 or Part 135 (for rotorcraft operations) furthering operational capabilities. 

         Sky Scape will begin deploying helicopters to supplement UAS services in the infrastructure and construction sectors as soon as next month. By adding this ability, we can tie in helicopter (in addition to UAS) data with our software processes to produce the most effective information in the safest and quickest way possible. 

-Nate Ernst


Sky Scape Industries

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