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PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: Sky Scape offering an Oil Spill Response and Cleanup Drone System

MANAHAWKIN, NJ - Sky Scape Industries is pleased to announce the industry’s first oil spill drone, the Oil Spill Response and Cleanup (OSCAR™) drone system. OSCAR is a turnkey sUAS, originally built for internal operations, now offered as a product to oil spill responders.

The OSCAR is the result of months of research & development with partnering company, Polaris Sensor Technologies, Inc. OSCAR uses the Polaris Pyxis™ polarized long wave infrared (LWIR) sensor to detect petrochemicals on water. The Pyxis is a small, lightweight LWIR polarization imager that measures both the thermal and polarization content of an image. Coupled with the Pyxis is a situational awareness visible camera to provide simultaneous geo-tagged airborne images of oil spills.

Polarization exploits a fundamental phenomenon of light to reveal detail, contrast and other data undetected by standard thermal imaging devices. With Pyxis, daylight detail is revealed in low light and dark scenarios.

The OSCAR system offers ease of use with minimal crew requirements. In emergency situations, time is of the essence. Typically, an sUAS pilot must first capture the data, then land, then remove the data, then process the data, and then finally send the data products to the operational decision-makers for applied response efforts – a time consuming process. OSCAR adds a layer of efficiency by providing a single operator with one-button data product generation and reporting capability, providing a thermal camera with the benefits of polarization and digital output for real-time acquisition and analysis, with extensive tools for post-processing in the Pyxis Vision Science Software as required. Because these reports are created autonomously in-flight, the pilot can develop actionable data that is truly mature in real time, without any further actions then the press of a single button. To learn more about the OSCAR system, click the link here.

About Sky Scape Industries, LLC

Sky Scape Industries (SSI) is a leader in unmanned aviation technology. Born from the idea and bred from the passion of revolutionizing aviation technology, SSI works to integrate Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into all facets of the critical infrastructure sector. A service provider, developer, integrator, visionary, subject matter expert (SME), and policy advocate; SSI brings together the brightest minds and skill sets to not only prove today's UAS capabilities, but also reveal the technology of tomorrow. Click here to learn more.

About Polaris Sensor Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 2003, Polaris Sensor Technologies, Inc. is a leading electro-optic sensor developer exploiting a fundamental phenomenon of light, called polarization, to reveal details undetected by other imaging devices.. These sensors referred to as Polarization Imagers, solve difficult detection and imaging issues for military and commercial applications. Our enhanced polarization imagers are designed to operate in a specific waveband or a combination of wavebands best suited for the application. Click here to learn more.

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