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​​​​​​​Drone Integration Pilot Program Involvement

Sky Scape teams with Industry to aid in UAS Integration Testing

In an effort to streamline and progress commercial drone integration in the United States, President Trump announced a directive in October of 2017 to address how the administration would envision this.


October 25th, 2017–WASHINGTON – “President Donald J. Trump directed U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine L. Chao today to launch an initiative to safely test and validate advanced operations for drones in partnership with state and local governments in select jurisdictions. The Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Integration Pilot Program implements a directive signed by President Trump today, and the results will be used to accelerate the safe integration of UAS into the national airspace and to realize the benefits of unmanned technology in our economy….”


This initiative is considered to be incredibly progressive despite the traditionally slow-evolving drone regulation environment in the United States. State and Local agencies are given an opportunity to conduct their own research and development of UAS integration at their respective levels. These “teams” are required to apply to this initiative. The review and consideration of application outlines 1.) who and which agencies are involved, 2.) the credentials of each member, and 3.) the mission(s) in which the team will conduct.


 Submissions and supplemental information from applicants were due by 2pm EST on January 4th, 2018.  The review process has since begun and will conclude with a Memorandum of Agreement by May 7,2018.


Sky Scape has teamed up with “Team New Jersey- Cape May County” in their efforts to be accepted as an awardee of the program. The extensive team is made up of public and private organizations, industry professionals, and governing bodies on the state and local levels.


While the specifics of the Team NJ application are currently considered confidential (until the completion of review), the impressive team is made up of highly-qualified individuals and organizations that will add significant value to UAS integration. Additionally, “Team NJ - Cape May County” looks to take advantage of Cape May Counties unique features in capitalizing of program execution. Features like Cape May County’s fluctuating population, proximity to water, and drastic climate all contribute to the many reasons Team New Jersey feels  we are a perfect candidate for admission.


The due diligence and application submission process is now over. I am eager to share mission details and successful admission in the near future!!!


President, Sky Scape Industries

High Altitude View of Cape May County, NJ

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