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Coming Soon... Heavy Lift Drone Capability

Harnessing the power of next-level unmanned technology to allow for high-endurance, heavy payload operations. SSI’s largest multi-copter is another industry-first and will be available for deployment in by the middle of August 2018.

Industry-Leading Payload

Carry more weight. Accomplish larger goals.

SSI’s heavy lift multicopter drone - the HX8 - boasts an impressive maximum payload of 75 pounds. With (8) 38” carbon fiber propellers and industry-leading electric motors, the HX8 can safely carry previously impossible payloads in challenging conditions.

Long Endurance

Fly Longer. Work Faster.

The HX8’s high battery capacity and impressive flight characteristics mean that lighter payloads can be flown longer per flight than any other multicopter in it’s class. For example, a 12 pound sensor can fly for ~55 minutes. 

Range of Capabilities

Hard Payload

•Power Line Pull

•Package Transportation

•Construction Payload Transport

•Ag Spray


•LiDAR (long endurance)

•Imaging and Infrared

•Oil & Gas Leak Detection

•Environmental Monitoring

Custom Integration

•Sensor Integration

•Wireless Communications

•Emergency Response

•Use-Case Development

SSI has begun scheduling initiative and development projects with this aircraft for the remainder of 2018. We would be happy to discuss this system further and how it can be of service to you!

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