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Oil Spill Cleanup and Response System

The Oil Spill Cleanup and Response (OSCAR™) Drone system is a fully integrated sUAS solution capable of rapidly detecting and reporting liquid petrochemical products on water. Utilizing the Pyxis™ sensor by Polaris Sensor Technologies, Inc., the OSCAR system is a portable, efficient, rapid response sUAS designed for Oil Spill Response. 


This fully-integrated system includes everything necessary for remote field operations including airborne data acquisition, real-time data viewing and one-button report generation.  Find the target quickly, assess the situation, report on findings and respond in minutes. 


   The Polaris Pyxis sensor is a small, lightweight LWIR polarization imager that measures both the thermal and polarization content of an image. Polarization exploits a fundamental phenomenon of light to reveal detail, contrast and other data undetected by standard thermal imaging devices. With Pyxis, daylight detail is revealed in low light and dark scenarios.

   At less than 2 cubic inches and 83 grams, Pyxis is the industry’s first system to enhance thermal imaging with polarization without adding to the size, weight and power requirements. With multiple outputs for maximum flexibility, the Pyxis sensor offers the ease of use of a thermal camera with the benefits of polarization and digital output, for real-time acquisition and analysis with extensive tools for post-processing in the Pyxis Vision Science Software. In addition, OSCAR includes powerful one-button report generation capability – putting the power of airborne spill detection in the hands of the aircraft operator.

The Pyxis sensor's unique capabilities include:

  • Real-Time Polarized Imagery

  • Up To 400% Better Detail and Contrast than Thermal Alone

  • Industry’s Smallest Polarimeter

  • Multiple Configurations Available To Suit a Variety of Applications

  • Pyxis Vision Software Included

Image Comparison.JPG

Automated Reporting 

   In emergency situations, time is of the essence. The OSCAR system features an independent onboard computer that process and disseminates imagery and populates reports based on customer-specific requirements. Once a target is discovered by the pilot and an image is captured, the on board computer creates a customized (pre-defined) report including:

  • Visible Image

  • Polarized Image

  • GPS Coordinates

  • GPS Heading

  • Time Stamp

  • Altitude

  • Notes Section

  • Operator Information

  • Also included:

    • Full Resolution Visible Imagery​

    • Full Resolution Polarized Imagery

OSCAR Report Example.png

Enterprise Deployment


The OSCAR system is designed to be a rapid deployment aircraft system compliant with FAA Part 107 sUAS Operations. Pilots trained to operate sUAS within the National Airspace System (NAS) are able to have the OSCAR airborne in less than 8 minutes.

Once airborne, automatic processing and reporting is handled internally within the aircraft, providing the pilot with the ability to focus on safe flight, detecting target areas and rapidly relaying vital information back to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Because of the aircraft's small footprint, the OSCAR drones can be stationed strategically across the enterprise and/or shipped during major events for rapid response.

All OSCAR drone kits include:

  • Completely integrated aircraft with hardware and software components

  • Basic Training and Operations Manuals

  • Ancillary Support Equipment

  • Necessary Spare Parts

  • Transport Case for single-unit mobilization

  • Product support and customer service agreement

Additional services offered include:

  • Advanced OSCAR sUAS flight training

  • Pyxis sensor specialized training

  • Custom Reporting formats (customized report templates)

  • Emergency Response Flight Planning framework

  • Airspace support for rapid response in challenging airspace

  • Maintenance programs 

The Pyxis System

MTS Paper Cover.JPG

In the News

"Technologies for detecting, monitoring, and tracking oil spills have advanced significantly over the last 10 years. However..." (click .pdf icon below)


Data Examples

Click .pdf link below to view sample data from airborne Pxyus sensing.

Sensing On Water.JPG

White Paper

"Infrared polarimetry is an emerging sensing modality that offers the potential for significantly enhanced contrast in situations where conventional thermal imaging falls short..." (click .pdf icon below)


Learn more about how the OSCAR system can benefit your Emergency Response Team

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