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Airspace Development

Understanding where and how to operate...

A critical piece to understanding how your own internal operations work is to understand where, how, and why you can operate sUAS. For internal operations, this is the first step to understand how your operations can work. Understanding your airspace takes the following into account:

  • Dynamic Airspace

  • Changing Regulations

  • Dynamic operating areas

  • Aircraft capabilities 

Accurate Reference

SSI works directly with the operators to develop a guide to understanding each operator's territory. Once finished, the operator can quickly identify the airspace requirements in any part of their territory. Understand the requirements, obtain them, and operate....quickly. Airspace Development guides developed by SSI include:

  • Geographical Identification of operating areas

  • Respective waivers and/or authorizations required to fly

  • Contact information for respective authorities in the area

  • Step-by-step instructions on obtaining the proper authorizations and contact protocols 

Reach out to Sky Scape for your Airspace Development needs

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